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by | Oct 27, 2023

Recently, Anna was a guest on Harry Spaight’s Podcast: Sales Made Easy.

In their broad conversation, they covered:

Building a Minimum Viable Tech Stack

  • Anna shares her insights on establishing a minimum viable tech stack for new businesses, including an email marketing tool, simple website, and payment processor.
  • These foundational elements help establish a solid tech foundation for growth and success.

Overcoming Tech Overwhelm:

  • Anna discusses her background in tech, art school, and English lit, highlighting her goal of helping small business owners build and grow their businesses without getting stuck in the technical aspects.
  • Harry shares his challenges of feeling overwhelmed with conflicting advice on tech and unnecessary expenses.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Growth:

  • The conversation shifts to LinkedIn as a preferred platform for engagement and networking, with a less structured algorithm and high return on time invested for small businesses.
  • Anna recommends using LinkedIn’s newsletter feature for targeted audience engagement and increased reach.

Consistency and Automation for Content Success:

  • Anna emphasizes consistency and a long-term commitment for content and social media success, urging at least 90 days of dedication before evaluating effectiveness.
  • Technology tools like MissingLetter can automate and extend content reach across various social platforms, maximizing content potential.

Building a Foundational Tech Stack:

  • Anna discusses the importance of starting small with a foundational tech stack that requires no coding or technical skills.
  • She advises leveraging networks and communities, using email platforms for building landing pages and introducing oneself without resorting to “sleazy sales” tactics.

Avoiding Facebook for Community Building:

  • Anna shares her reservations about using Facebook as a community platform due to its complexity and limitations with algorithms.
  • She recommends using platforms like LinkedIn or dedicated community platforms to engage and connect with people effectively.

Diversifying Content Distribution:

  • Anna suggests using blogs, podcasts, and videos to maintain a social presence across different platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which lack linking capabilities.
  • She sees LinkedIn as the primary social platform, TikTok as a content delivery platform, and YouTube as a platform for engaging and educating your audience.

Tech Tools Recommendations:

  • Anna recommends using Canva for creating visuals and building landing pages without coding, along with Descript for podcast editing and content clipping.
  • She advises against spending excessive money on podcast editing tools, suggesting outsourcing or cost-effective options until generating enough revenue.
  • Anna also highlights the importance of utilizing stock imagery effectively, recommending Deposit Photos for affordable subscriptions or image packs.

Emphasizing Core Business Activities:

  • The hosts discuss the importance of focusing on core business activities instead of trying to do everything, such as building websites through services like Wix.
  • Anna advises using templates and shortcuts to minimize time spent on learning new skills and to focus on what is working best for the business.

Building a Supportive Community:

  • Harry praises Anna’s membership community, “Overcome the Tech Overwhelm” (OTTO), for its value in providing support and training for business tools.
  • Anna invites listeners to join her membership, where she aims to make business easy and fun while supporting entrepreneurs in their tech journey.

Are you looking for support in implementing technology, systems, or process in your business? Check out OTTO, a tech support and implementation membership where you have access to support and training for the tools and systems you use in your business.


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