Take advantage of our years of experience and expertise with follow along courses that help you develop your business and market it effectively.

Business Development:
From Idea to Launch

Starting a business can feel like you’re wandering through a maze blindfolded. You might have this great idea but not know where to start or how to setup your business and ideas for success. This course will help you understand what kind of business owner you are, how to define your idea into a business and determine a growth strategy, how to figure out what you’re selling, who your audience is, understanding the ins and outs of the financial side of business and the legalities around building a new enterprise.

PRICE: $1,749

Business Development:
Go to Market 

You’ve got a great business concept, you’ve set the professional framework up for success but now you need to take your product and business to market. With this course, we’ll guide you through business and product branding and positioning, building a website, and creating a strategy to drive user acquisition.

PRICE: $1,749

Digital Media 101:

An organic and original content strategy is as important, if not more so, than a solid advertising strategy. In this course we’ll cover the basics of blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube/Vimeo, and Google. As you move through each module you’ll be setup for success with each platform by learning about each platform’s unique content types, best practices for posting and timing, how to create assets for each channel, and what makes each channel different.

PRICE: $449

Digital media 101:


Advertising and Digital Media can seem like it’s changing all the time. Learn to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google. You’ll also learn how to choose which channels to focus your time and energy on and how to set an actionable budget. Your also learn the importance of testing and how to run ad tests that lead to actionable results and a path forward.

PRICE: $449

intro to SEO

Are you wondering about how to actually get the SEO on your site setup correctly so it helps your business grow? Does Google Analytics seem overwhelming? Do you want to learn how to understand your data and run reports? This course will walk you through understanding the basics of SEO, how everything you do online contributes to it, and how to implement SEO best practices to start ranking in search. We’ll also cover Google Search Console and Google My Business and how they can help boost your visibility.

PRICE: $449

How to build a kick
ass business plan 

Whether you’re building a business plan to raise capital or as a roadmap for growth, go from zero to hero with our step-by-step guide, examples, and resources. We’ll cover all the finer points of writing an executive summary, describing your company and business model, exploring and presenting market conditions, describing your products/services, presenting operations and management roles, building marketing and sales strategies, presenting your financial plan with business costs, funding, and revenue projections, and summarizing your financial plan with an appendix.

PRICE: $449

I went to an SEO workshop with Anna and it far exceeded my expectations! I knew I needed to work on my website and add to my SEO skills, but this workshop was SO good for my business. So good that I booked two private clients within the next 3 weeks. She was so generous with her support, even after the workshop ended and explained everything I needed to know in such a clear way. I would definitely recommend working with Anna!”

- Meghan Coleman

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