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In many cases, it’s always better when you can bring content specialized to your business and industry to your team. Wicked Marvelous offers customized workshops and small group seminars on everything from business development and how to operate on social media to SEO and building a cohesive digital brand. Both workshops and seminars can be offered in person or online.

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Fill out our contact form below and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your unique needs. Each seminar or workshop will be customized to your business and team and can be scheduled for 8-12 weeks out.

I attended an SEO workshop put on by Anna, and it was nothing but amazing! She taught me how to make sure my site was set up for me to succeed & be found. She also went over setting up the complicated google analytics & Search Engine Console. I highly recommend anyone needing marketing & SEO strategy help to start by contacting Anna.”

Meghan Logue

Adventure Toward Creative

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