How to Import a Canva Website Template in Your Account

by | Jun 26, 2023

When you purchase a template, it’s a fantastic shortcut to getting your content on your website and in front of people. But it’s important to know how to easily import your template. In this post, I’ll take you step-by-step through adding your Canva Website Template to your account.

How to Import a Canva Website Template

  1. Click on the Template Link.
  2. Then Click Use Template.
  3. The Template will be imported into your account as “Copy of …”
  4. Chnage the File name
  5. Make any design changes and add your content.
  6. Now you’re ready to publish.

How to Publish Your Canva Website

  1. On the upper corner of the editor menu, click Publish Website.
  2. Tick the box if you want to resize your design on mobile.
  3. On the dropdown, select if you want a navigation menu or not. Click Preview to see how the website would look like. The menu options will be based on your design’s page titles.
  4. Publish to either a Free domain or Use my existing domain, and click Continue.
  5. Under Free domain, choose a subdomain and click Continue.
  6. Under Connect your domain, select if you want to use a Connected domain or Add another domain and click Continue.
  7. Review your website settings like the URL slug, Browser tab preview, Website description, password protection, etc. Edit your website settings like the URL slug, site description, password protection, etc. Learn more about these in Changing website slug, favicon, and other settings.
  8. To finish, click Publish.

For more information on using a free domain, purchasing a new domain through Canva, or using a domain you already own, Canva’s help guide has all the answers.


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