How to Import a Page Template Using Elementor

by | Jun 26, 2023

When you purchase a template, it’s a fantastic shortcut to getting your content on your website and in front of people. But it’s important to know how to easily import your template. In this post, I’ll take you step-by-step through adding your page template using Elementor.

How to Import a Page Template Using Elementor (Step-by-Step)

Implementing a Page Template in Elementor is a 2-Phase process.

This is how you import the template into Elementor:

  1. Go to Templates > Saved Templates or Templates > Theme Builder or Templates > Popups
  2. Click the Import Templates button
  3. Choose the file you want to import and click the Import Now button
  4. Your imported template will now be displayed in your Templates list

This is how you add the template to the page:

  1. Click the Add Template From Library icon to add a Page template, Block, or your own Saved template from the editing screen.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon to preview a template.

Click INSERT to select the required template.

  1. Give your favorite templates a heart and save them to MY FAVORITES.
  2. Click the arrow in the top right corner to upload a .json or .zip file.

Now you’ve imported your new page template and it’s ready to be customized.


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